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Preschool Resources

Free Preschool Resources

As a former preschool teacher turned homeschooling mom, and the daughter of a Preschool Administrator (with 20+ years of preschool teaching experience), I have some free preschool lessons & projects that I would love to share! 

These projects can be used in addition to a curriculum or you can create a curriculum by expanding on these resources. I encourage you to allow children to do as much of the activities as they can. Let them cut, glue, paint, etc. Children's art work does not need to nor should it look perfect. It should look like a child did it! 

Unit Themes:
Apples Apples 
Down on The Farm
Autumn Leaves
Solar System
The Human Body: Part One and Part Two (multi-week unit)

Coming Soon...

Community Service Workers
Mini Passports (multi-week unit)
Pumpkins Pumpkins
Native American
Little Voters
Give Thanks

Many of the themes can be used over two weeks or more (multi-week units). They can also be used and adapted beyond preschool. Blessings!

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