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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Colds & Creativity

So during the night (Tuesday) Beckett started coughing and having a hard time breathing out of his nose...I can't help but feel extremely frustrated that my one month old baby is sick! I am breastfeeding and none of the rest of us have been sick...plus the few places we have taken him, we have not really allowed people to hold him. It is hard when you try and take every precaution and they still end up sick. I had RSV when I was about his age, and so I am just praying that this cold does not turn into something more serious, which I know with infants, it can. I would certainly appreciate prayers for Beckett :)

Yesterday was "Day 3" of "The Very Hungry Evelyn" book project. She painted 3 plums using watercolors and then ate a plum for the very first time...and she LOVED it! If nothing else this project is a great way to try some new fruits, and see if your children like them.

Here are some pics:

I love fall...Everything about it. I love the smells, the breeze, the crisp air, the colors & the tastes. There is not another time of the year that I feel more beautifully expresses God's artistry than during the fall season. God was so creative to design such a beautiful masterpiece in the earth. Fall is a good time of year to do some really artistic and creative projects with your children, to help show them what an amazing artist our God is!

**Teachable [Mom]ent** for the day:
Use fun activities and projects to get your children to try new foods!

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