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That kind of day...

So it has been a rough day. I literally knocked our laptop off of it's tray, and it died. I mean for real, goodbye, money down the drain, never to be revived again DEAD! It has all of of our family photos & videos saved on it (which we think can be salvaged, yay!) I was just really emotional (hormonal?!?) about the whole thing. I needed an escape. I wanted to go hide in my bedroom and cry, maybe take a relaxing bath, listen to some soothing music. But life goes on, and I had to pull myself together.

It seems so silly that I would be emotional about that. It is material possession and completely replaceable. I think about losing something more important to me, something irreplaceable like my family or my freedom or my faith...and I realize that life is too short to sweat the small stuff and too good to take things for granted.

On another note, last week we finished "THE VERY HUNGRY EVELYN" book (pics to come whenever I have a working computer at home again...I am church right now). This week we are going to stay with our theme of books, and work with Evelyn's FAVORITE book (that also happened to be mine when I was her age)..."I am a Bunny". The great thing about this book is that is talks about the changing of seasons, and since this week is the beginning of Fall, I felt like it was perfect timing. I will share more when I get a chance of how we explore the book and the seasons!

**Teachable [Mom]ent** for the day:
Remember that we store up our treasures in Heaven, and not on Earth. How we choose to live our life, handle tough situations and deal with the people in our lives is what will bring us the greatest reward!


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