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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Ultimate Teacher

I have been thinking about Jesus being the ultimate teacher. Jesus created "teachable moments", isn't that exactly what the parables are? Jesus took 'every-day' moments and turned them into 'teachable' ones. Jesus really used every moment as a teachable moment, and as I strive to be more like Him, that is definitely an area that I hope to improve upon.

So it was Day 4 of "The Very Hungry Evelyn" book, and she 'ate' through four red strawberries. She painted strawberries with strawberry Jell0, and ate some real strawberries as well (she liked the Jello better!). I had to let some cleaning go so that I could get this done and get us all ready to go on a family outing (read below), but sometimes it is good to have days when you realize that your children are more important than the dishes in the sink :) My friend, Amanda, actually just blogged about this as well.

We went to a soccer game for the school my husband teaches at (Mansfield Christian School). They got to play a game at Crew Stadium. I have never been there, and I don't really know much about soccer, but it was fun! Evelyn loved it and Beckett did really well too. I pumped and he took his first bottle (yay!), and that too was very successful.

Beckett is now 1 month old :) I can't quite believe it.
Where did the past month go? Here is his picture ----->>>>>

**Teachable [Mom]ent** for the day:
Set aside time every day just to enjoy your children, where you honestly put everything else on the back-burner...How often do they get put on the back-burner? Are they getting cooked and we're missing out on it? Maybe they start boiling because we aren't paying attention to them. Give them your undivided attention, and I promise you will see their behavior improve :)
...don't miss out on these precious moments :)

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