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Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Fill Up {Grace}

I praise your name, Jesus! Thank You for Your unending, never failing Grace. I have fallen short so many times this week. 

Moments of frustration. 
Moments of guilt. 
Moments of inadequacy. 

And yet even in all our failures, Your love never fails. 
You wrap us up in Your merciful arms and remind us.... 

We are beloved daughters. 
We are heirs of the most high King! 
We are beautiful and cherished. 
We were created by the hands that formed the sun and the stars.
We have a purpose.
We are new again. 

And so we lay this week down. Whatever failures and trials, we leave them at the foot of the cross. He makes all things new!! Let's step into this day claiming who we are, set free from those failures. Strap on your tiara, princess - and bask in the glorious grace of your Daddy! 

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What burdens are on your heart today?
Do you have plans to rest/relax this weekend?

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