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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Reading Time Basket {Teachable Tuesday}

I am an avid reader, and I knew that I wanted reading to be a vital part of our homeschool. I tried and failed miserably in the fall to implement a read-aloud time with my children. I picked up some books from Target's dollar bins and was excited to read them to my littles. But after multiple days of trying to read, while my children talked and played and ran around and knocked things over and hung upside down from the curtain rod (okay, maybe not that last one!)....I gave up.

Fast forward a little and I sought wisdom from a few more experienced homeschool mamas. They told me to relax, allow the children to do quiet activities while reading and not worry so much about forcing them to listen - they will retain more than I realize. 

I was feeling refreshed and excited to start our read-aloud time anew. And an idea was born. We needed a reading time basket! I decided to create a basket full of quiet time activities that I would bring out ONLY during read aloud time, and I would interchange the activities every couple weeks. We have read aloud time twice daily - after lunch (before nap) and before bedtime when we read a bible story along with whatever book we are currently reading. 

So here is what our reading time looks like with our basket (Thirty One Tote)-

I change out the "activities" every so often. Sometimes I just remove one thing and add one new thing. You can use activities you already have or pick up some new products at your local dollar store, yard sales, or wherever fits your budget. 

My children love reading time now! They look forward to it, and get upset if there is a day that we miss it. I stop often when I am reading and ask questions to see if they are really listening and paying attention...and you know what? They are! They will surprise me with how much they are comprehending. We also implemented a code word if they are getting too loud or rowdy to remind them to be quiet ( I was sick of shhsh-ing them!). Our code word is: Tootscoot :) And it has even carried over into other areas of our life!

Needless to day, I am beyond happy to be cultivating a love for reading in my children!

Teachable {MOM}ent:
Just because you have failed at something once, does not mean it is a failure. If you feel strongly about it - seek advice and wisdom, use a little trial & error, and find a way to make it work for your family.  

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Do you have a system or tool that your use during reading time?
What is your favorite quiet time activity?

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    1. Thanks so much Monica! I really appreciate it and I would love to join your linky party :)

  2. This is such a fun idea- and also would be great for the ever growing toddler that tends to interrupt my reading time. >< I can't wait to make a basket of my own! :D

    1. Yay! So glad you like it, Sarah! And yes, definitely helpful for the littles too :)


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