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Dirty Little Secrets {Silverware}

I don't have a dishwasher, and for the most part I am okay with that. I actually enjoy the feeling of satisfaction that comes after tackling a large pile of dishes. I like scrubbing them with my hands and knowing they are clean. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have a dishwasher. But living in a parsonage, I have learned to be content without one. 

There is just one problem. Silverware. It's a pretty ugly word in my home...because I have a dirty little secret.
I hate washing silverware.
I leave it in the sink. 

I wash and scrub all the dishes - the glasses, bowls, plates, pots, pans...and then I look down and see a mound of silverware in the sink. And I decide that it needs to soak. I mean, it is pretty dirty! So, I fill up the sink with water and soap and I soak those suckers. And a few hours later, I remember them when I make lunch, and I have to reach down into the now cold murky water to grab a utensil that I need. I let the water drain and think, I will finish washing those after lunch. But I never do. And the mound of silverware grows into a boulder. By the time we finish dinner, there is no clean silverware left. And sometimes, I may even just wash what I absolutely need and still leave the rest. But at some point, the ever growing mountain must be washed. It has now become a daunting task. But I roll up my sleeves and get the job done. 

Then it starts all over again. 

As I walked away from a sink of silverware a few weeks ago, full of silverware shame...I realized that sometimes we have spiritual silverware in our lives. You get everything in your life clean. You've scrubbed and rinsed. But there is that one area - that dirty little secret - that you decide to leave in the sink. You just don't want to deal with that area. Is it pride? Envy? Gossip? Coveting?

Sometimes you may wash a few utensils, but not the whole sink. You know, when you're heart feels convicted and you decided to surrender...but you hang on to a bit of it. And before you know it, the pile has grown into a mountain again.

God wants you to completely empty that sink. He wants you to make it so sparkly and shiny that His reflection can be seen. Would you lay it down today? Lord, help us to scrub the dirty silverware in our lives until it is clean, and put it away where it belongs. May we live holy and pure lives that are a reflection of you.

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Do you enjoy washing dishes?
Do you have a 'dirty little secret' in your home?


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