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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Expectant Hopes for Teach Them Diligently

Tomorrow we will be hitting the road, heading to Nashville for the Teach Them Diligently Convention! I am pretty pumped :) This is my first homeschool convention! I have scoured through the sessions a dozen times trying to narrow down the ones I must hear! I have been pouring over curriculum so I can be purposeful in my vendor hall shopping! For a homeschooling mom, this is the Superbowl!

Here are the 5 things I am most looking forward to at Teach Them Diligently this week:

Meeting Homeschool Families
It is rare to find yourself in a place where you will be surrounded by so many like-minded people. I am so looking forward to connecting with other families and hopefully even making some new friends! 

Hearing Incredible Speakers
They really are incredible. I have to admit, I just adore Sally Clarkson, so she takes the cake for me. But, truly, they are all wonderful, Godly people who have so much wisdom and insight to share. Now, I just have to narrow down my list! 

Checking out Curriculum & Materials
I have been saving and researching and planning! I am in need of some new curriculum and am so excited to get to see the options up close and personal - in my hands! There are also going to be many other resources and materials for homeschool families - the Teach Them Diligently Marketplace will be open in Nashville as well! 

Feeling Refreshed & Renewed
Full disclosure, I am a little burnt out. The last couple of months have been crazy stressful in our family. School has unfortunately been affected by all the stress. I desperately need a break from "real life". I know that I am going to feel encouraged, convicted, refreshed and will be ready to go home and be more purposeful and intentional in each day! 

Connecting as a Family
As I mentioned, it has been a little stressful lately in our life. My husband has been working a new job - lots of different schedules, on top of his Pastoral duties. He told me yesterday that he cannot wait to just wake up in the mornings and cuddle with our babies. We are excited to attend sessions together, and really reconnect as a couple and as parents. My parents will also be with us, and my brother and his family are attending as well. What a wonderful time for our family to draw closer to God and be challenged as parents/grandparents!

I am busy packing and preparing for the trip, and feeling so hopeful about all that God is going to do this week! It is not too late to attend the conference - In Nashville, you can register on site - and online registration is still open for Omaha!

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  1. Yay! I cannot wait to meet you there. :) Things are coming together well for the convention... now, we're just looking forward to welcoming everyone on Thursday.

    1. Thanks for visiting! Our whole family is so excited :)

  2. Emily, I will be attending the convention too, and I share all of your hopes as well. This will be my first HS convention and my first year HS-ing our oldest. I'm nervous but hopeful this convention will put me a little more at ease about God's call for our family to HS.

    I hope to see you there! Blessings!
    I'm a new follower from EOA link up.


    1. Keri, I am so excited - we are loading up in about an hour! I hope we get a chance to meet :) Thanks for stopping by - I love your blog name.


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