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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Simple Beach Bag Tutorial

Simple Sew Beach Bag
8 Easy Steps

First let me say - I am not an expert sewer! You will notice in the pictures that my lines are a little sloppy. The best part about this project is that it truly doesn't matter - it all gets covered up - so don't worry about perfection!

Step One:
Cut two rectangles of fabric (can be the same fabric or coordinating fabrics - I like using two different!)
18 inches x 24 inches

Step Two:
Cut lining fabric (this will be the lining of the bag - I used a semi-water proof fabric)
18 inches x 48 inches

Step Three:
Cut two strips of lining fabric for straps
4 inches x 30 inches

Step Four:
Sew two rectangles from step one together (outer fabric). Line them up (inside out) and sew one end (24 inches) together. 

Step Five:
Line up the outer fabric and lining fabric together (inside out). Now sew both sides together (48 inches). Leave ends open. 

Step Six:
Take the two lining strips and fold sides in (about 1/4 inch). Then fold strips in half. (You can iron or pin to hold in place) Sew folded sides together. These will be the straps for the bag. 

Step Seven:
Fold the ends of the bag inside. Now line up the straps six inches from the edge on each side and place inside of fold. Sew across the entire end. Do this for both ends. 

Step Eight:
Fold entire bag in half (inside out) and sew the sides together. 

Flip right side out and voila! You have a fun & functional beach bag :)

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  1. Cool! Thanks for sharing! Last night we finally broke out the sewing machine my oldest got for Christmas!! We made an owl pillow. I think we will make this bag soon! :)

    1. My oldest (daughter) got a sewing machine for her Birthday - I need to do some projects with her!! Let me know how it goes if you make it :)

  2. I am visiting you from Deep Roots at Home linkup. I love the way you say that it really doesn't matter how straight it is. It looks great and this truly encourages others to at least try. Mine post is about Fat Quarters defined. You may also like my children series on learning to sew:

    1. Thank you! I will definitely be checking out your series - my daughter just got a sewing machine but we have not really started any projects yet. Be blessed :)

  3. Is it possible that you have just offered a tutorial simple enough for me to attempt? I have a sewing machine but I have to read the manual each time I go to thread it. And once I've gone to all that trouble, I never can seem to find anything easy enough for me to actually conquer. This looks not only cute, but do-able. Thank you!!

    1. Threading is definitely the worst part! I hope that you will give it a try and let me know how it goes :) I have only been sewing for about 6 months - so, my goal was to share something very easy!


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