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Moms Can Dream Too!

I am a mom of three rambunctious little ones. My life (er, lack there of!) revolves around these tiny beings living in my home and their constant demands. I mean seriously - a backstage celebrity is probably less demanding. They expect to be fed a few times day, cleaned, changed, engaged, entertained, etc. Can you believe that?!? ;)

Truthfully, it is the greatest joy and work of my life. But it can be overwhelming and exhausting at times. And in the midst of night-time nursing sessions and "Mommy, I'm thirsty" and never-ending math lessons and "What is on your hands?" and constantly wiping down the counters and "Absolutely NOT!" and mountains of laundry and "Mommy, I peed in my bed" is easy to morph into "Mommy-Bot" - aimlessly drudging through the day, meeting demands, doing chores and simply waiting for the day to end.

Add to that the countless other demands of a not-so-recovered people pleaser who says "yes" to way too much and turns into a fire-breathing dragon when the to-do list is so full that it weighs down on my lungs and I can't swallow or catch a breath. I become enslaved to a life of being overworked, overtired and over-committed and I ask myself, "Why am I doing this?" but it is too late to get out of it now.

In the dim light of the twilight hours, I look around at the chaos and the mess, and think to myself "I will tackle it tomorrow". I sit still for just a moment and if I listen really closely I hear a voice whisper...

"Who are you?" Ha! That's a good question. I am a mom. But it continues.
"Who are you?" I am a Pastor's wife.
"Who are you?" I am starting to get it. I am a daughter of the King.
"Who are you?" I am beloved. 
"Who are you?" I am a dreamer. 

Ah, yes. Dreams. Big dreams and hopes for the future. I am a wife and a mom - and it is truly a joy and honor to hold these titles, but I am not defined solely by them. I am also not defined by the mundane and earthly. I am defined by my God - the creator of the Universe who wants to make me like Him. I have been given gifts and talents and dreams. God is the creator of my dreams. Long ago He began to craft an ocean of creativity into my soul and every now and then after the demands have been met and chores have been done I feel that ocean begin to stir. And if I give it a little attention, waves will rise up and come crashing into my consciousness. And a dream is born. An idea is formulating. And I will sit down and write a blog, or design a sewing pattern, or grab my camera and snap some pictures, or sit at the piano and compose a song. Suddenly, those demands seem less demanding and those chores seem less bothersome.

I once had someone tell me that she did not believe moms or dads were supposed to dream. She felt that it was wrong for her or her husband to have dreams and hobbies outside of raising their children. They lived by this standard, and honestly - they were miserable. Drowning in the humdrum of each day. Resenting one another and their children.

Being a mom is one of my dreams. Homeschooling my children is one of my dreams. God has been so faithful to help me realize my dreams! I firmly believe that when you have young children, they need to be a priority. You need to be willing to put aside your own desires to meet the needs of your children. My husband and I are committed to our family coming first. Does that mean we have given up on dreams? Absolutely not. We know that a time will come when our children will not have so many demands and they will not need us in the same way that they do now. We also know that our children need to see that their dreams can become reality.

God himself had dreams and spoke the world into existence. He is able to be a loving Father, caring for His children, while also creating beauty in every moment. We will continue to dream every day. We will use the gifts and creativity that God has given us to live our lives and enjoy doing so! We will nurture our own dreams by taking the time for rest, rejuvenation and letting our spirits run free. We will encourage our children to dream and support them when they chase after those dreams. My dream may not happen tomorrow or even five years from now...but I will continue to dream and create and pursue - because maybe, just maybe, someday...

{I want to share with you about a dream that my husband and I have had. God laid it on our hearts to start a ministry to provide resources for Pastors and ministry leaders with freebies and deals. As a ministry family, we know the struggle it can be to have a thriving ministry on a budget - and thus...Thrifty Ministry was born.We would be so blessed and honored if you would go "like" the facebook page! Blessings to you!}

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  1. You've given me a lot to think about. I love submitting my dreams to the Lord and watching what he does with them. It's amazing, truly. God bless your new ministry. Heading over to Like it now!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! It feels good to let myself dream :)

    Stopping by from the BetterMom link up!

    Marissa @

    1. It is good for our souls to dream! Have a blessed day :)


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