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The Beatitudes of Fatherhood {Free Printable}

Blessed is the Dad who is so frustrated and at the end of his rope, that He allows God to take over. He knows that if he surrenders his struggles to God, He will be made a new creation in Christ.

Blessed is the Dad who is dealing with the pain of death. The dad who is grieving a wife…a parent…a child…a friend. As he mourns, he will know that he is not forsaken - the God of all comfort will sustain him and strengthen him.

Blessed is the Dad who is confident in his life, secure in his choices and bold in his convictions. He does not obsess over outward appearance and does not compare his life to others. He does not worry about impressing his peers or proving himself. He is satisfied with his life, because he is a treasured son of God - his worth and acceptance is found in the Lord.

Blessed is the Dad who is hungry for God. He seeks righteousness and holiness. He is a man after God’s heart and he leads his family toward the cross. His wife will honor him, his children will bless him and the world will respect him. He knows that seeking Christ is the greatest adventure of his life.

Blessed is the Dad who is kind, considerate and shows mercy. Though his hands may be rough they are gentle, and though his words may be stern they are tender. He lives fiercely and loves with reckless abandon. He is most courageous in his unwavering commitment to his family. He will be well loved in return; his family will be happy to serve him and long to please him. 

Blessed is the Dad who guards his mind and heart from impurity. He does not allow his eyes to lust after others and does not engage in pornography. He treats women with respect and values their virtue. He is fair and noble. He does not seek after earthly desires or corruption. God will reward him for being a righteous man and he will begin to see with the eyes of Christ.

Blessed is the Dad who is a peacemaker. He does not look for opportunities to argue or fight – he is not defined by competitions or conquests. He seeks to live in unity with others. He is an example of self-control to his family. He does not “fly off the handle” or use his strength as intimidation. He will fight for injustice – he knows that there is a time for war and will courageously march into battle. He is a warrior in the army of God, a beloved son.

Blessed is the Dad who is ridiculed and mocked for his love of God and commitment to his family. He cares not about fitting in at the gym or being a “macho” man. He knows the eternal value in being a man who loves God and cares deeply for his family. This persecution will allow him to draw closer to God, firmly protecting his family and bringing glory to the kingdom of Heaven.

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  1. Beautiful - I married a man like that who is a Dad like that! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. How wonderful - you are blessed :) Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Beautiful printable! I really like that even though this is a giveaway, you've included something free for all of us. :)

    1. Thank you for your sweet words! Blessings to you :)

  3. Gorgeous printable! I especially like the last beatitude. The world does a good job of telling men that they shouldn't be "tied down" by marriage or by family.

    1. You are absolutely right - it is sad that so many men believe the lies of the world! Thanks for your feedback. Have a blessed day :)

  4. Love love love! Thank you so much for this!


    1. You are welcome - and thank you for visiting. Have a blessed day :)

  5. Emily, you have such a gift! The Lord clearly speaks encouragement into your heart and you share it with others. And you also created absolutely beautiful printables! Thank you, sweet friend!

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment :) You are such an encouragement to me!

  6. Thank you for a lovely thoughtful piece. I would like to use it in our Church bulletin as we are celebrating Fatherhood this June. Our website is
    Thank you again.


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