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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Birthday on a Budget: Farm/Tractor Party

Here is the second week in my series on birthday parties - how to have super fun and festive parties on a budget. All of the parties I will be sharing in this series are birthday parties that I have planned for my children and the entire party cost is under $100 {including food}>

I love planning parties, but also need to keep my spending to a minimum. With more children and more parties to plan, I now spend even less. The second party I am sharing was my son, Beckett's 2nd birthday party - Farm/Tractor Birthday Party (2 years ago!). This party was supposed to be outside - but it rained so we had to improvise and do the party in our basement (sorry about the dark pictures!). We went with a red, white & blue theme which made it easy to pick up supplies after July 4th (birthday in August)!

The Barn (a.k.a. our basement)
We borrowed hay bales from a farmer friend & the pews were being stored in our garage (husband = pastor)

His birthday is in August, so I was able to pick up the lanterns at the dollar store during the summer.

I found the hats at the dollar store for $1 each (part of a luau section  -but hey, they worked!)

I also picked up the plates, napkins, cups, pinwheels and handkerchiefs at the dollar store.

I stumbled upon these farm boxes at the dollar store - they had animal crackers in them, but I took those out and filled them with my own favors. 

The inside of the boxes - a tootsie pop, a cow tale...

a spare tire (chocolate donut - which was melting a little in the box - oops!)

a hay bale (rice krispie treat) 

I filled mason jars with straw and pinwheels for centerpiece

The Tractor cake that my mama made :)

Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes (with shortbread cookie on bottom!)
after toppings added

Hay Bales (I made & printed the labels)

Spare Tires

Tractor Fuel (Lemonade) & Root Beer

We served BBQ pork sandwiches, potato salad, corn on the cob and watermelon (not pictured).

The birthday boy with big sissy.

The birthday boy having fun!

Family and friends enjoying the party!

Mommy & the Birthday Boy

We played Pin the Wheel on the Tractor (my husband made the tractor)

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  1. What an excellent bunch of ideas! Looks like y'all had a blast. I am having a 'farm' party for my daughter this weekend so I am using some of your decorating ideas for a last minute touch. (I LOVE the straw in the mason jars idea! And corn on the cob - of course, the kids will love it!) Thanks! :)

  2. You are so creative!! Love all the details and the super-great dollar store finds. I'm gonna tweet and pin this--so many great ideas here!! Have a lovely day.
    Neighbors About Town Blog

  3. Goodness, Emily...you are all kinds of creative. That is one adorable party set-up!! I have honestly never done a real party so I'm feeling a little envious over here! ;)


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