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The Promise Box Book Giveaway!

I recently received the book, The Promise Box by Tricia Goyer. I have to admit that I have never read an Amish book before. Maybe it is because I have spent most of my life living among the Amish. It is a normal occurrence for me to see a buggy driving down the road, Amish children walking to their schoolhouse or stop by a local Amish bulk store to pick up some yummy cheese! I actually used to live only miles from "Amish Country" here in Ohio.

For that reason, The Promise Box was very nostalgic for me. When Tricia spoke of Sugarcreek - I could literally imagine it in my mind, as I have been there many times. The story of former Amish daughter turned book editor, Lydia Wyse, grabs you right away. Tricia is a gifted writer, capturing the heart of her characters and engaging her readers in this world of simplistic life and faith.

When Lydia has to return to her family's Amish home in West Kootenai, Montana after the passing of her mother - she is swept up in an emotional journey. She is torn between her current life outside of the Amish community and the undeniable sense of home and belonging she feels in West Kootenai. Especially when she meets young Amish bachelor, Gideon Hooley (side note: my sister and her husband are expecting a baby boy in November and naming him Gideon - love that name!).

In The Promise Box we follow Lydia on her quest to discover more about her past and what it will mean for her future. When Lydia finds her mother's promise box - a box of letters, prayers and promises from God's word - her heart begins to change. But, Lydia still carries the burden of her tragic birth and mysterious past, and Gideon is holding onto a dark secret from his childhood. They will both need to surrender their bondage if they hope to have a life together someday. But a dreadful event and a huge misunderstanding threaten to ruin everything.

The Promise Box will enchant you with it's beautiful mountains, unique characters and kindred community. The Promise Box is very wholesome - no questionable language or risque scenes. It is an easy-read and you will enjoy every minute! It is a perfect book to read this summer with your toes in the sand or curled up on your porch swing with a glass of lemonade.

I am giving away FIVE copies of The Promise Box! Enter below -->>

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  1. My favorite place to read is the beach but since that is rare, my second favorite is curling up on my couch. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!! Linda at

  2. I guess it depends on what I'm reading as to where my favorite place to read is. I always read my bible propped up in bed with a cup (or two) of coffee. When reading for enjoyment, I like reading either in front of our wood stove or sitting outside on a nice day. If I'm reading to my kiddos, anywhere I can snuggle with them!

  3. I love to read on my couch. Cozy!

  4. Just wanted you to know that when I tweeted your info, it was a giveaway for some water slide or something. Don't know why it showed up like that!

    1. Thanks! I used an old giveaway template and forgot to change that! It is fixed now :)

  5. I love to read anywhere, but I guess my favorite place would be curled up in my bed especially on a rainy day. So comforting and restful!

  6. I used to love snuggling up on my couch with a good book. I still do this but now with my kids as well. When it's a snowy day outside or even just raining, it's always nice to have the curtains open and to read a good book. I love Amish books and would love this one as well!

  7. I read everywhere - Probably in bed is my favorite though!

  8. I love reading - especially in my "cozy" red chair when no one is home... I'd love for you to share this post with my Cozy Book Hop (opens again tomorrow AM) if you are interested.


  9. I read absolutely everywhere. Growing up, my parents had to set "reading" rules because I would bring a book everywhere and would get so caught up that I wouldn't hear others talking to me!


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