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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The ABC's of Homeschooling: E for Early Learning {Guest Post}

I am guest posting over at My Joy Filled Life today as a part of her ABC's of Homeschooling series. I am sharing my thoughts on Early Learning and tips for teaching early learners!

 If 85% of children's core brain structure is developed by the age of four (Source), then early learning is a crucial aspect of educating our children. Nationally, less than 10% of public investments in education and development are spent on children, ages four and younger (Source). This is yet another area in which homeschooling parents have the opportunity to step outside of the societal norm - and take advantage of this crucial and exciting time in your child's education.

I believe that there are three keys to successful early learning: Sensory, Literature and Play...

To read the full post, head over to The ABC's of Homeschooling.

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