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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Birthday on a Budget: "Out Of This World" Party

Here is the fourth week in my series on birthday parties - how to have super fun and festive parties on a budget. All of the parties I will be sharing in this series are birthday parties that I have planned for my children and the entire party cost is under $100 {including food}>

I love planning parties, but also need to keep my spending to a minimum. With more children and more parties to plan, I now spend even less. The fourth party I am sharing was my son, Beckett's 3rd birthday party - an "Out Of This World" party! (1 year ago). We finally had beautiful weather and were able to hold the party in our back yard!

I used plain black table cloths from Party City and we hung balloons from the trees :)

I used plates and printed letters to create a banner

We painted the table with chalk board paint!

I made rock candy for favors and filled their star bags (dollar store) with glow sticks and glow in the dark bubbles (dollar store). I made and printed the labels myself.

I could not find plates that I liked in my budget, so my husband made stencils and we painted solid color plates!

At the end of the table we had glow sticks, glow sand, bubbles and stencils to paint.

I made rocket ship centerpieces out of Pringles cans, aluminum foil & napkins - which doubled as food!

I made moon rocks (mini corn dog muffins)

We had space spheres and space crunch

And rocket pops :)

Rocket Fuel (Limeade)

And carbon stars (which were left over from another family gathering!)


And the cake complete with our astronaut inside of the rocket ship!

And here's the birthday boy!

I made his shirt - I just bought a plain red t-shirt and cut the rocket ship and 3 out of an old shirt that didn't fit him anymore - then hot glued it on!

The kids enjoying the party!

My mom picked up these rocket balloons which were awesomely fun!

And a cute little sister thrown in just for smiles :)

Pin the star on the rocket..

This face sums it all up...

We had a "BLAST"!

Thanks for stopping by! 
Have you planned a rocket/space themed party? 
I would love to hear your ideas!

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  1. What fun! You are one awesome mom! :) And I love the look on your son's face :) I'll have to keep this in mind when I have little boys!


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