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Birthday on a Budget: Sugar & Spice {Baking} Party

Here is the fifth week in my series on birthday parties - how to have super fun and festive parties on a budget. All of the parties I will be sharing in this series are birthday parties that I have planned for my children and the entire party cost is under $100 {including food}>

I love planning parties, but also need to keep my spending to a minimum. With more children and more parties to plan, I now spend even less. The fifth party I am sharing was a double birthday party for my daughters, Evelyn's 5th and Annabel's 1st birthday - "Sugar & Spice" Baking Theme. My daughter, Evelyn, wants to be a chef when she grows up!

I picked up most of the party supplies at Target (Dollar Spot). I used a tablecloth of my mom's and made a cupcake banner out of extra fabric I had. My mom bought the pinata - a little indulgence we wouldn't normally buy - but seriously SO CUTE!

I got this Sugar and Spice sign at Home Goods for $6.00!

I got the plates, bowls and utensils for $1.00 each at Target, and I just used these for the kids (6 of them).
The adults used these plates (also from Target). 
We had an ice cream bar and cupcake decorating station

Chef Hat Designing :) I ordered the chef hats from Oriental Trading
I made some name Banners for the girls

Here are the amazing cakes that my mom (and I) made! I ordered the giant cupcake pan on Amazon.
I ordered the rolling pins from oriental trading and the ordered the straws on Amazon.
Here is one of the sweet birthday girls - I ordered them matching dresses on etsy for $15 each)

Love this picture - Annabel with the midwife who caught her!
Cousins in there chef hats and aprons. I made Evelyn's apron as part of her gift. 

Decorating Cupcakes

It was a great day!

Thanks for stopping by! Have you hosted a "sweet" birthday party?


  1. How creative! Your girls are adorable, and you can see how much fun they had in your pictures. Love the cake! We had friends visit yesterday and we let them decorate their own cupcakes for snack time. They were so proud of their creations. I'll be making notes of this for future birthday parties!


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