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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Birthday on a Budget: Super-Hero Party

It is time for the final post in my series on birthday parties - how to have super fun and festive parties on a budget. All of the parties I have shared {including this one!} in this series are birthday parties that I have planned for my children and the entire party cost is under $100 {including food}>

I love planning parties, but also need to keep my spending to a minimum. With more children and more parties to plan, I now spend even less. The final party I am sharing is my son Beckett's 4th Birthday Party - a Super-Hero Party! We just celebrated this past Saturday :) 

I picked up the table cloth, plates, goodie bags & napkins in Walmart's Clearance aisle all for $1.00 each.

I got the stickers at Target - they were $1.00 each, and then an additional 30% off (summer sale)

The Justice League bags were also a part of the Target sale!

The "Super" cake that my mom made :) Props to my husband for the buildings (made out of foam)

Tie Dye cupcakes - I got that cupcake toppers at Target in the summer sale as well!

I picked up the yellow fabric at Walmart on clearance ($2/yard) and I made the masks out of foam sheets I got at Walmart for 33 cents each!

My Super-Hero 

How can he be 4 already?

With his sisters - I made their dresses, which was a bit of an indulgence - but I also used the extra fabric on the food table!

Super Evelyn in her cape and mask!

I have to share some of the present pictures - his faces are just too awesome!

And the highlight of the night - the Slip N Slide!

Daddy even got in on the action!

Thanks for stopping by! Have you had any "super" parties?

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  1. I'm doing a small little superhero birthday party for my son and these are just some adorable ideas! How cute :)


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