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Monday, August 5, 2013

Moving Mishaps: A Box of Socks

My lovely friends,
    I have been a little quiet the past couple of weeks as we have moved to a new home and have been getting settled in. I didn't realize how busy life was going to get! Thank you for your understanding and prayers! Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging...

I am going to share a few funny moving mishaps with you this week. First, the Box of Socks...duh duh dum

As I was packing our home for the big move - I had a brilliant idea! Let's pack all of the socks all in ONE box, I said excitedly to my husband as if I had just solved a great mystery! I do not mean some socks - I mean every sock that I could find, was going into this box - one location to easily find them. Sounds good, right? So I rounded up all of the socks and packed them in this box. As we cleaned and moved furniture...I found lone socks under recliners, and inside of toy chests, and tied onto bed frames (anyone else?!?). With each find, I tossed them in the sock box.

Moving day came and went, and we began unpacking our new house - which is truly the most emotionally draining part of the whole process. By this point, we just needed some sleep! Within a few days, I had most of the rooms unpacked and I mentioned to my husband that I didn't see the sock box anywhere. He hadn't seen it either but we both assumed it would turn up once everything was put in it's place - we don't wear socks very often right now anyway since it is summertime.

Then Sunday morning rolled around and we were preparing for our FIRST Sunday at our new church (my husband is the Pastor). My husband asked me if I knew where his socks were. I cringed and realized that we had never found the sock box. I told him, and thankfully he had packed a pair of his dress socks in his suitcase - so we avoided a Sunday morning sock hunt. Later that day my husband searched the entire house - garage included and did not see the sock box. We had to go back to our former house to pick up a few items and tie up a few loose ends, so we hoped we would find it there. But alas, we did not find the box. At this point, we accepted that box of socks was gone and we were destined to be barefoot. And now - a moment of silence for the box of socks and all of the missing socks out there...

Socks seem to always go missing - but how do you lose an ENTIRE box of them?!? I must be a special kind of homemaker. Later last week, my husband and I were in the basement storage area organizing some things and I mentioned that maybe the socks were in there. My husband had already looked a few times, but he indulged me and started checking boxes again. There was a box that had a blanket and a few random toys sitting on top. My husband picked up the items and sure enough - IT WAS THE SOCK BOX! Hurray! The socks have been found - our heels will be soft and our toes will will be warm and cozy!

Have you had any moving mishaps? I would love to hear from you!

Join me next week to hear about our latest mishap: A House of Locks...


  1. LOL! That is hilarious. It is just like a sock to go missing at those dire moments... and you lost a whole box! That just cracks me up, because I can relate so well. :)

  2. Good Morning, I always liked the quote that says lone sock looking for a mate; okay can't remember how it goes but I am cracking up!
    When my kids were little we were always in a sock dilemma! Have a wonderful week getting settled in your new home. I miss my home schooling days...
    Blessings, Roxy

  3. This sounds like a problem I would have. I am glad for your sake you finally found them. On a different note, I have to say (after having done 4 moves in 4 years and being in the middle of number 5) I find the packing to be more emotionally draining. I am not the best with dealing with the in between stuff. I try to lean on the Lord and trust in him during those times, he has always proven himself faithful. I am just a worrier by nature and struggle with it. I prefer the idea of settling down even just briefly and making the place we are at home.


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