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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Welcome To Our Home

As many of you know, we moved to a new home about five weeks ago. We love our new home and have been enjoying getting settled in and getting to know our new church, community and neighborhood. Thank you for your understanding, as I have been blogging quite a bit less lately - and that is probably going to continue...God's been dealing with me about my priorities :) I have NOT figured out how to juggle everything yet!

Today, I want to invite you into our home! I hope that you will come on in and enjoy a visit with us! Can you smell the "Home Sweet Home" Yankee candle burning? Can you hear the Gungor worship music filling the space? Here, take a chocolate chip cookie. 
This is my world - the haven I have created in the beautiful house that our church provides for us (also called a parsonage). 


First you will walk right into our living room...

(The furniture is new to us - a craigslist find for $300, and miraculously 
it survived the 4 mile drive in the back of our minivan!)

Next we will head into the kitchen - my little homestead

Can I just say - how lovely are these floors?

I am just in love with our new kitchen table that I got 
at a used furniture store for $189 (with all 8 chairs!)

Now I will take you down the hall to the bathroom and bedrooms...

The girls' room...

My son's room...

Our master bedroom is not pictured, as it is still under some construction ;)
Care to venture down to the basement?

The Family Room
(there is also a half bath and a full of boxes office that are not pictured!)

The basement walks out into our awesome backyard - which is a post all it's own!

Our School Space

Play area

And this is one of my favorite parts! These Italian armoirs were left by the previous owners - so we have turned our laundry room into a family closet! I LOVE it and plan to write a post about it soon :)

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you enjoyed visiting our home! Come back soon :)


  1. Beautiful Emily! You did a great job in making your house a home, and so quickly!!

    Can't wait to read about the family closet! With 7 kids, I'd love to do that, but my husband thinks I'm nuts!

  2. I love your floors. They are beautiful!

  3. My brother's family did something similar in their laundry room. All clean clothes where put away right by the laundry machines and that's where everyone got dressed. :) Makes sense to me. To help keep my children's rooms clean and to not let laundry get out of control, each of my children have ONE drawer of clothing under their bed and they share a small closet with nicer (church) clothes. They wear the sames thing over and over anyway! Socks and shoes are kept by the back door, each child has a bin. I'm also impressed with your quick move in! I like to get settled and decorate right away too! :)

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  5. Beautiful! Love everything that you've done :) God bless you and your family in your new home!


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