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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Overcoming Sometimes

We all have these "sometimes" moments. The moments in our days that are less than enjoyable - mundane, frustrating, overwhelming...When I am faced with "sometimes" moments I counter them with a proclamation of truth. It helps keep life in perspective and love abounding...

Sometimes there are couch cushions stacked to the ceiling and the feathers sprinkled across the floor, and it takes 4 minutes to put all the cushions back in the right places and then I will need to vacuum...again. But there is laughter and dancing and a heart filled with gladness.

Sometimes there are little hazel eyes staring into mine and I just know that untruthful look. And we must talk about disobedience and read those same scriptures and she has tears in her eyes and my heart nearly breaks because this precious babe of mine feels shame. But there is grace sufficient for her, and power made perfect in weakness.

Sometimes there is 2 a.m. and stripping sheets and scrubbing floors and trembling baths. And then there is 4 a.m. with another bed to strip and child to clean. But, there is joy that comes in the morning.

Sometimes there is the millionth time I have told them, and they just. wont. listen. And I say "no" and "stop that" more times than I should. But, there is love that keeps no record of wrong.

Sometimes he does this thing that I just cannot believe, and I think, "Why can't he just behave?" and I must be doing something wrong. And I try to tame his wild heart. But, there is beauty in God's creation and accepting who he was made to be.

Sometimes I feel the weight of these three souls entrusted in my care. And what if I fail them and don't do anything right? What if their hearts turn from God? But, there is trust that He knows far better than I.

Sometimes there is no breath escaping my lungs, and the overwhelming pain of this world seems to much to bear. And I weep. But, there is a peace that passes all understanding.

How do you overcome the "sometimes" moments in your day?

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