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Monday, November 25, 2013

Teaching A Giving Spirit

Today I am sharing my first post as a contributor at FreeHomeschoolDeals.com

I watch in slow motion as the eyes widen and the lips forcefully come together. “MMMMIIIINNNEEE!” I hear as the little form of a toddler hurls itself toward the unsuspecting sibling. The sibling quickly registers what is going on and clings to the toy phone, pushing the toddler away. But, not to be deterred, the toddler goes in for the big finale – mouth open and teeth slide across skin, beginning to clench down…I reach them just in time to pull the sibling away from the toddler’s eminent bite.
We are born with it – that sin nature, that desire for self. A giving, selfless, servant’s heart – well, those things don’t come so naturally...
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