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Our Family

~ The Blogger ~

Welcome! I am Emily. I am a daughter of the King. Yes that picture is from an 80's party - I don't have many pictures of just me ;) I am wife to my one and only love. I am mother to 3 precious souls. I love music. I enjoy baking, sewing, photography and you can find me most days in my home, wearing one of my favorite aprons, blasting worship music and homeschooling my children. I am an imperfect recovering perfectionist, learning that it is okay to be "me" and embracing this blessed life that I have been given. I believe that every moment in this life is important, and we need to seize them. Especially when it comes to our children. I am striving to be a teachable wife, mom, sister & friend! Thanks for stopping by!

~ The Husband ~

This is Ben - my handsome, talented, strong best friend of 14 years and husband of 10 years. He truly is my soul-mate. The only man I have ever loved, and my dream. He is real and flawed, but perfectly created for me by our Father. Ben is a Pastor, a Shepherd to his flock, and the head our household. He is an incredible daddy - willing to pitch in and get his hands dirty (washing cloth diapers!), or fingernails painted! He loves sports, fantasy sports, numbers & data (geek alert!) and he knows millions (ok, maybe not quite!) of random facts and can talk to anyone about anything!

~ The Kiddos ~

Evelyn is our oldest child. She is 7 years old. She is very bright, sweet, compassionate, imaginative, creative, and beautiful. She literally dances through life and always has a song on her lips. She is very helpful and mature. She loves playing with her American Girl dolls (thank you Grandma!), writing letters & notes to her family and friends, and coming up with grand adventures and schemes to act out with her best friend - her bubby.

Beckett is our boy - in every sense of the word. He is 5 years old, and enjoys doing preschool activities. He is very smart, brave, strong, tender-hearted, funny, organized and loyal. Beckett rocked my perfect parenting world - and I am so blessed that he did. God knew I needed to shake off my "ideals" of motherhood. He loves matchbox cars, being a knight, destroying things (haha!), his "blue" (blankey) and his big sissy!

Annabel is our spirited child - she is 3 years old. She is very curious and busy, busy, busy and she loves to get into EVERYTHING. She is extremely strong-willed and independent! She is a chatterbox and is mothered by her older siblings, whom she adores, but she can hold her own with them (trust me!). She make us laugh (and cringe) often!

Clementine is our sweet baby girl, born August 5th, 2014. She is such a content baby - just goes along with the flow. She smiles every time you look at her and she loves her older siblings.

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